mini max1CHRIS-MINIMAX“The 3″ Mini Max is a must have.”

“In the west we are often faced with limited cover, The 3″ Mini Max fletching tool with True Helical provides me with tighter groups and a flatter trajectory. If downrange Brodhead accuracy is important to you then the 3″ Mini Max is a must have.”

Chris Denham
Executive Producer for The Western Hunter and Publisher of Western Hunter Magazine

The four advantages of “true helical” fletching


E-Z Fletch is the only fletching tool that applies vanes in a curved or “true helical” position for maximum spin, minimum drag.


The fastest way to fletch arrows


The E-Z Fletch is the fastest way to make or repair your arrows. Our fletching tool puts all 3 vanes or feathers on at once and can accommodate anything from short Blazer vanes all the way up to 5″ feathers or vanes.