True helical fletching doubles the arrow spin rate and gives you tighter groups, better broadhead flight, flatter trajectory and a quieter arrow.

High-speed footage shows that an arrow with true helical (curved) vanes spins at over twice the rate of an arrow with angled vanes. This faster spin rate causes the arrow to stabilize much faster. Of course, this results in improved accuracy. You will get noticeably tighter groups and improved broadhead flight.

Why not just angle the vanes more? Because added angle also increases drag, which slows the arrow and increases arrow noise.

Amazingly, the curved vanes reduce drag, as evidenced by flatter trajectory. In fact, tests show that arrows drop six inches less at 100 yards with curved or true helical vanes compared with typical angled vanes. And, noise is also reduced.

High-Speed Footage

See true helical in action compared to your arrows.

The four big advantages of curved or “true helical” fletching

Few of us even think about the vanes on our arrows when considering performance and accuracy. Yet, it’s the vanes that are primarily responsible for stabilizing and guiding the arrow.

Curved vanes create a higher spin rate, which stabilizes the arrow more quickly

  1. Noticeably tighter groups
  2. Better broadhead flight
    • Whether your arrows were fletched at the factory or with another fletching tool, the vanes are attached at a simple angle to create spin, but they are not curved. Only the Arizona EZ-FLETCH does true helical fletching, which doubles the spin rate for faster arrow stabilization. The result is measurably tighter groups and better broadhead flight (especially from an out-of-tune bow).

Less turbulence for reduced drag

  1. Flatter trajectory (tested 6 inch less drop at 100 yards)
  2. Quieter arrow
    • Not only do true helical (curved) vanes virtually double the spin rate, they do so while dramatically reducing turbulence, which results in less drag! This, in turn, means flatter trajectory (6 inch less drop at 100 yards) and quieter arrow flight (less chance of a buck jumping your string)!
straight-angleOther tools simply angle the vanes to create spinezfletch-angleE-Z Fletch curves the vanes for double the spin

The true helical story

Like so many great ideas, the Arizona E-Z Fletch “true helical” fletching tool was an idea that came from elsewhere but applied perfectly to the task at hand. In this case, believe it or not, it came from three NASA engineers who were attempting to win a model rocket competition by launching their model to the highest altitude.

As rocket scientists, they understood that the faster a model rocket stabilized at takeoff, the higher it could go. In real life, if a rocket is unstable at takeoff, it may never stabilize, given the extreme and constant thrust applied. So, in their world, stabilization is absolutely crucial.

This understanding led the scientists to the fins on the model rocket, which exist to stabilize the rocket. Model rocket fins, just like the vanes on your arrows, attach at an angle to produce spin, which in turn helps to stabilize the rocket. This technique is commonly called “helical.” As wind catches the angled fins or vanes, it forces the projectile (rocket or arrow) to spin. This spinning, just as with a bullet that’s fired out of a rifle barrel or with a football that’s thrown in a spiral, lends gyroscopic stability to the projectile, which prevents it from tumbling.

All of the competitions’ model rockets had these straight helical fins. What the rocket scientists knew was that a curved fin is stronger and creates more torque in flight. So, they curved or cupped the previously straight fins, making them true helical fins. And their model rocket, because it stabilized more quickly, went higher.

Again, like with so many great ideas, the twist was simple but profound.

The fact is, the word helix is derived from a greek word that means “twisted” or “curved.” So, in truth, the competitors’ fins were angled and not curved (straight helical) so weren’t actually true helicals.

Hearing this story, Arizona E-Z Fletch applied the same concept to attaching vanes to arrows, something nobody else does, either at the factory or aftermarket. It doesn’t require special vanes, only a specially designed fletching tool. That tool is the Arizona E-Z Fletch Mini or Bolt model.

The Arizona E-Z Fletch is the fastest, easiest, most user friendly, compact, take-anywhere, engineered fletching apparatus ever invented, period! I carry mine everywhere I hunt. On one occasion I met a fella in Africa that purchased new arrows for his safari who was getting very frustrated during his practice session with erratic broadhead flight. I let him shoot one of my arrows fletched with the E-Z Fletch and broadhead flight was perfect! I gave him three of my arrows for the afternoon hunt and took three of his to the blind with me and re-fletched them with the Arizona E-Z Fletch. The arrows shot the broadheads great! I won’t even begin to fine tune a bow shooting a broadhead without using arrows fletched with the Arizona E-Z Fletch!Ty Weaver, Bowhunter & Outdoor Writer